The Choice Bus: Gadsden

The Choice Bus rolls into Emma Sansom Middle School today to give students an experience-based learning opportunity about the power of education and the likely consequences of dropping out of school. The bus contains a full scale replica of a prison cell which is hidden behind a curtain and flat screen television. Upon entering the bus, a four minute movie quizzes the students on the earning potential of a dropout versus a high-school and college graduate. 8th Grader Shiyna (SHINA) Hoyt says she’s looking at her future a bit differently now. The Choice Bus Presenter Eryka Perry says the movie also features several testimonials from prison inmates who regret dropping out. She adds that when the movie is finished, the cell is revealed - demonstrating the stark reality experienced by many dropouts.

As students exit the bus, they receive a pledge card and are asked to make a commitment to finish school and make good choices.


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