Troublesome Trees

Right now along fallow fields and along fences you might be seeing trees that have voluntarily bloomed on their own with beautiful white blossoms.Although beautiful to the eye…they may not be the tree you’re thinking they are. They may be a troublesome type of tree that grows with thorns. Calhoun County Extension Coordinator David West, shares some helpful hints on how to deal with that kind of tree.West says if you see some and would like to remove them…Now is the time to take care of them. He adds that they are taking over pastures and they’ll even ruin your tractor tires. He says to cut those trees down.West also shares some tips for homeowners who would like to improve their landscape. He says there is a simple, yet important thing they can do.West says this is a good time for homeowners to get their outdoors in order. For more information visit the Calhoun County Extension Office website at


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