Officer and Citizen Bond Over Traffic Stop

Roadside Prayer.jpg

In recent weeks, both local and national newscasts have been filled with stories about racial divides and violence between some members of the African-American community and law enforcement, Carl Brady brings us a local story about two men who are bridging the gap…with prayer. As far as they know, Gadsden Police officer Samuel Lowe and Gadsden resident Ronald Cowser have never crossed paths before, but in one brief moment recently, a routine traffic stop brought the two men together in an unexpected bond.Officer Lowe was patrolling on Padenriech Avenue near Gadsden State on Wednesday, March 18th when he spotted a car going over the posted speed limit. Lowe flipped on his flashing lights and pulled the car over thinking that it was going to be just another traffic stop for speeding.The encounter had such an impact on Lowe that he posted the story on his facebook page when he got home. The post received a tremendous response from people and the story now even has its own hashtag - #RoadsidePrayer. Both men are pleased with all the attention their unexpected meeting is getting and say that they hope their story will demonstrate that the relationship between law enforcement and the black community doesn’t have to be a contentious one.The Roadside Prayer story is spreading like wildfire thanks to the internet and area media. It is even starting to get some national media attention. Just another example of the differences that can be overcome with a little love, a little respect and a little prayer.


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