Charged with Attempting to Elude Police and Felony Drug Possession

What looked to be a routine stop of a suspect for a Failure to Maintain Lane turns out to be a drug bust by local authorities.  According to Officer Stacey Hendricks of the Heflin Police Department , the incident took place last night in Heflin. Authorities say John Boyd of Marrietta, Georgia pulled into one of Heflin's Service Stations and as the officer was about to get out of his patrol car, Boyd took off in his car, and Heflin Police pursued him. As Heflin Police pursued him, he began throwing bags of Marijuana from his car. Boyd’s vehicle was boxed in and stopped a few miles later, and more drugs were found in his vehicle. Neither Boyd nor the officers were injured in the Police Pursuit, and no vehicles were damaged. Heflin police say Boyd was charged with Attempting to Elude Police and Felony Drug Possession. His bond is set at 1-million dollars.


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