Air Force Vapor Tour: White Plains

The Air Force is known for its soaring, fast-moving aircraft…But, now it has another fast moving vehicle built for roadways in its arsenal that it uses for recruitment. And that piece of machinery is the Dodge Vapor, an all-black Dodge Challenger. And, it’s part of the Air Force Vapor Tour. Today, the car visited White Plains. It is a radar absorbing car. And, is designed to emulate stealth planes like the F-117 and has an interior that’s light years beyond what you would find in your normal car. White Plains 11th Grader Jimmy Hermsen says today’s experience gives him some idea of what he might do in the future. He says the trailer with the videos games and information about the Vapor car show more than just how the car is put together. The Vapor Tour will be at the Quintard Mall tomorrow from 10:00AM until 4:00PM.


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