Calhoun County EMA Tornado Disaster Exercise

Today, the Calhoun County Emergency Management Agency put on a county-wide tornado disaster exercise. The exercise enables local cities and communities to identify strengths and incorporate best practices to sustain and enhance existing capabilities which include fire departments, law enforcement, and first responders.  Weaver Mayor Wayne Willis says this type of exercise also provides an objective assessment of gaps and shortfalls within plans, policies and procedures to address areas for improvement prior to a real-world incident.  Regional Medical Center Jacksonville C-E-O Joe Weaver says the weather-related exercise helps to clarify roles and responsibilities among different entities, improve interagency coordination and communications and identify needed resources and opportunities for improvement. Junior and Senior students from the Calhoun County Career Tech Center medical prep department role-played victims in today’s exercise. 70 people participated in the exercise. The next event for the E-M-A is a strategy forum and coordinating session for emergency preparedness and response for Senior officials from different agencies. The workshop will be held on May 5th.


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