TV24 Exclusive: Behind Anthony Hinton 30 year Conviction

Anthony Ray Hinton is adjusting to life as a free Man.  He's the Birmingham Man who sat on death row for 30 years for crimes he did not commit.  Tonight in a Tv24 exclusive Vanessa Croft takes a closer look at this case that happened right here in our own back yard that has now grabbed global attention... The big question most have is "how can this happen? and more importantly  what must  be done to make sure it doesn't happen again."  A search for answers takes me to our State Capitol and the Montgomery based Equal Justice Initiative where we find the Attorneys for Mr Hinton. As for the next step for Mr. Hinton Ms. Morrison says the first thing on their agenda is an apology which Mr. Hinton has not received...  and Mr. Hinton will explore a number of options.


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