High School Seniors Volunteer

A group of local high school seniors learn what it means to volunteer in their community with a community service project sponsored by their high school. According to participants and project developers Anniston High School believes it is important for their seniors to know how to give back to their community. The students selected volunteer locations from within the offices of the City of Anniston and also every school within the city of Anniston. Public Education Foundation of Anniston Executive Director Wonder Osborne and Anniston Parks and Recreation Department Director Steven Folks say they appreciate seeing the students pay it forward. City of Anniston Employees Neeli Faulkner and Larry Talley say the students have been a great help and that the work they’re doing today will remain with the departments even once the students leave. Their student workers volunteered in the Planning and Building department. The students say today is important because they learn how to use their skills to help the places in which they live. They say they also grew closer to their classmates. The students say they are looking forward to graduation in May and are excited to continue the lessons they learned on this project.


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