Youth Leadership Calhoun County Graduation

The Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce celebrates the accomplishments of Youth Leadership Calhoun County with a graduation, today. The Calhoun County Chamber welcomed Juniors from area high schools during the past school year to prepare them for constructive leadership and responsible participation in the affairs of the community. Leadership Calhoun County Advisory Committee member Gayle Macolly says she hopes they get leadership knowledge that they can take beyond high school. Youth Leadership Calhoun County Members Alysse Lalonde and Adam Hamilton say they learned a lot about their county and their peers. Proud parent, Annette Lalonde says it was an excellent opportunity for her daughter. And, she says her daughter made a lot of friends. The 2016 class will start at the beginning of the new school year with a whole new bunch of high school juniors. Classes will start in the early fall and the program will meet once or twice a month.


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