Forensics Employee Arrested, Drug Cases Dismissed

Three drug cases in east Alabama are being dismissed because of the arrest of a state forensics employee in Hoover. According to Calhoun County Chief Assistant District Attorney Lynn Hammonds an Oxford man who was serving seven years in prison for trafficking is now getting his case set aside. So is another trafficking suspect out of Cleburne County, as well as a woman from the same county. Hammonds said, earlier in April, Brandi Hicks of Odenville was arrested on charges of trafficking in cocaine and heroin, and theft in the first and second degrees. She was an employee at a regional state Department of Forensics Sciences lab on Valleydale Road in Hoover. Hammonds says her arrest is affecting drug cases in up to nine counties in central Alabama. Hammonds says the District Attorney is turning over the list of cases on which Brandi Hicks worked to the presiding circuit judge of Calhoun and Cleburne Counties. Those cases will be turned over to the local bar association so attorneys can file any motions they feel are necessary.


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