Help Jackie Stovall

What happens when the ones who serve our community find themselves in need of our help? Well…That’s when the community comes together and forms a bond of service for the one in need. That’s the current situation for Heflin police officer Jackie Stovall. In 2012 Stovall was shot in the upper leg and groin by a fugitive on the run. And, because of his injury his recovery has taken a long time. In the midst of working hard to get his body back to where it used to be…His home has suffered some maintenance challenges. So…that’s where his close community of friends has come in to help. Allie Steen and her husband Zack Steen have created a network of family members, business, and local residents to help bring Stovall’s back yard back to life. And hopefully give some life back to a man who has done so much for his community. Grace Contracting LLC Owner Bill McAdams says he has only known Officer Stovall for two and one-half weeks, but he has volunteered his workers to install a pool liner, do some grading and concrete work. He says they’ll do whatever they can to help out. He only hopes that his home looks like a brand new home when all the work is finished. Stovall says he’s looking forward to the clean up day. He says he is overwhelmed by all the help. The clean-up day at the home of Jackie Stovall will be May 16 from 8:00AM until 6:00PM. You can bring work tools to help with the effort. If it rains it will be postponed until the following Saturday. Contact Allie Steen at 256-454-7689 or Zack Steen at 256-473-0020 if you want to help.


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