Rep. K. L. Brown Proposes New House Bill Focused on Jacksonville State

Representative K.L. Brown is proposing House Bill 318. It is the Jacksonville State University Trustee bill. It was scheduled for discussions yesterday, but due to a filibuster the motion had been moved to next week. The bill decreases the length of the trustee terms from 12 to 6 years, sets a maximum of 3 terms, removes the State Superintendent from the Board, and adds an at large member from out of state. It also allows a trustee to finish their term at 75 years of age. Brown says it will benefit the university. Brown says Representative John Rogers of Jefferson County said he was going to kill all of the 10 minute bills, except one. And the bill he didn’t kill relates to the Birmingham Sewer Authority. Brown said he will re-visit House Bill 318 another time. Brown adds that the bill will help the university get in line with other state universities.


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