Pell City Police and Marine Patrol Urge Boaters to Be Safe

The Memorial Day holiday is the unofficial start of the summer season. And, with that start comes more family barbecues, community picnics, and the potential for fun for all on Alabama’s waterways. Alabama rivers are running fast and cold, making the water more dangerous. Pell City Police and Marine Patrol urge boaters to boat safely. Pell City Police Officer Justin Cooper shares some key boating safety tips to keep in mind this summer. Officer Coopers says it’s important to always wear your safety gear. Cooper also says keeping people who know you informed about your Memorial Day water plans is important. Cooper says that if something goes wrong and you end up missing in the waters letting someone else know where you planned to go helps authorities recognize a dangerous water situation much more quickly. He also adds that there are some helpful and lawful boating equipment that you should have on your boat. Cooper also says that above all, don’t drink and operate a boat. He says that each year, innocent people are injured or killed in alcohol-related accidents on Alabama’s waterways. In the past five years, almost one-quarter of all boating deaths were alcohol-related. Remember, the alcohol laws that apply on highways also apply on the waterways. If you have alcohol on the boat, make sure to have a designated operator.


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