Law Enforcement Investigates Counterfeit Money Scheme

One person is in custody in connection with an investigation into the passing of counterfeit money at businesses in the city of Anniston. Police say 19-year-old Anniston resident Damon Buie was arrested after they identified him as one of the people who passed one of the counterfeit bills at a local store. According to Anniston police Sergeant Chris Sparks, the bills have been typically $100. And the counterfeiters have printed each one with a "for motion picture use only" on them. Sparks says if you happen to come in contact with one of these bills don’t handle the situation yourself. Sparks says the unusual stamping that these counterfeiters are using is one important way to determine if the bill is a fake. He adds that counterfeiting is a Class C Felony and those found guilty will serve more than 1 year in prison for the crime. The investigation is ongoing and additional arrests are expected.


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