Dedication of CCC Worker Statue at Cheaha

Cheaha State Park dedicated a new Civilian Conservation Corps statue named “Iron Mike” on Saturday. The statue is a memorial to the workers of the C-C-C who developed Alabama’s state parks in the 1930s, including Alabama’s first state park, Cheaha. The worker statue is the conclusion of Grant Atkinson’s Boy Scout Eagle Project, which he started in 2007 and raised more than $10,000 for the statue. Atkinson says he got involved because of the historical importance of the legacy of the C-C-C. He is know 23-years-old and lives in Tennessee. He says it’s something he can be proud of and show his children one day. Officials attending the day’s festivities say the statue is long overdue and they are glad to see the project finally come to a conclusion. Alabama State Parks Assistant Director Rob Grant says there are very few statues like this one nationwide and it’s the only one in Alabama. The statue is located on the highest point in the state and next to the CCC Museum. Cheaha State Park Superintendent Tammy Power says now you have one more reason to take a trip up to the park. She adds that the dedication is the culmination of a great hope. The statue is the 63rd CCC worker statue to be erected in the country through the CCC alumni organization the CCC Legacy.


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