Dog Flu Nears Alabama

There’s been a relatively new occurrence in veterinary medicine within the last 12 years. And that occurrence is canine influenza. People have suffered with the flu for thousands of years but veterinarians are now saying the dog flu has become an issue in parts of our world. The dog flu jumped from horses to dogs back in 2003. Vets say this is the season to pay special attention to our four-legged furry canine companions.

Dr. Eric Clanton of Clanton Animal Hospital says flu viruses change rapidly. And that this current Asian strain of dog flue is more aggressive. Clanton says symptoms in dogs are not that dissimilar to what we see when we get sick with the flu. He adds he hasn’t treated any dogs with the dog flu in his office. But, he does warn that if a dog contracts the virus it can live in the environment from 12 to 24 hours. He says that there is no immediate test for dog flu as with human flu. And that could make a big impact on the outbreak in the Midwest. Clanton says canine influenza is not contagious to humans but humans can transmit the disease to dogs. He says if you think your dog has had contact with the virus call your vet for an appointment and leave your dog outside. Clanton says the treatment is antibiotics, cough medicine, and a fever reducer.


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