Choccolocco Creek Media Day

The Choccolocco Watershed Alliance holds a Choccolocco Creek Media Day highlighting the beautiful watershed at Pine Glen Campground. The head waters of the Choccolocco Creek - Shoal Creek was added to the list of State Waters as an “Outstanding Alabama Water,” and today biologists and friends of the C-C-W-A gathered to showcase the different aquatic biodiversity that is important to the stream. Choccolocco Creek Watershed Alliance Program Director Christy Claes says there are a lot of rare and endangered species along the creek and they are doing their best to reintroduce threatened creatures to the pristine and good habitat. Forest Fisheries Biologist John Moran says Shoal Creek is the only stream in Alabama where certain, unique fish wildlife exists. He says most people would be surprised at what is living here. Shoal Creek is the biggest watershed in the Shoal Creek Ranger District and C-C-W-A friends say it’s important to see. U-S Forest Service Wildlife Biologist Jonathan Stober says there were people visiting today that had never seen the creek. He adds that when you do come for a visit keep in mind the importance of keeping the area pristine. The creek has a trail that runs 140 miles through the Talladega Division and is part of the Talladega National Forest. The creek also has a total of 35 fish species. For more information on the Choccolocco Creek Watershed Alliance you can visit their website at or like and follow them at their Facebook page at Choccolocco Creek Watershed Alliance.


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