Bama Blast Electric Football Tournament In Oxford

Chances are you know someone who owns an electric football table. More than likely that table is in an attic or the basement, but there are many around the country who never let their love for the game collect dust - and some of them are in Oxford this weekend. The Bama Blast has returned and it features some of the most enthusiastic electric football players in the nation. This year, the Bama Blast is the host for the Miniture Football Hall of Fame. On Friday night they honored past inductees as well as the coaches who are new to the club.

Heading into its 18 year, the Bama Blast is the longest running tournament in the country. It started with six teams and now runs tournament with nearly 50 coaches from California to Texas and Washington DC and all points in between.

Bama Blast organizer David Nickles says what brings them all together is their love for the game. Ironically, the growth of the internet allows gamers to connect and play each other all over the world; the internet also brought the electric football community together in the same fashion.

The Bama Blast tournament runs through Sunday at the Oxford Holiday Inn.


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