Talladega Woman Killed in Afghanistan

Pentagon officials say 54-year-old Krissie K. Davis of Talladega, who was employed by the Defense Logistics Agency at the Anniston Army Depot, died Monday from injuries she received during an attack on the Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan. Ms. Davis is the first civilian employee of the DLA’s Disposition Services branch to die from combat-related injuries, according to a DLA spokesman. She arrived in Afghanistan on April 25th for a six-month tour of duty and was at work inside the base compound when she was killed by indirect fire early Monday morning. The DLA spokesman, Kenneth MacNevin, tells TV-24 News that Ms. Davis had been with the agency for 22 years and was on her second overseas deployment working as an environmental specialist. He said her job involved re-purposing or destroying old weapons and military vehicles to make sure they didn’t fall into enemy hands. In 2010 she served as a civilian workforce volunteer for the DLA in Kuwait and Keer-guh-stan. Before joining the DLA, Ms. Davis worked for the U.S. Bureau of Prisons and the Department of the Army. MacNevin says the DLA still has more than 40 civilian and military workers in Afghanistan disposing of old military equipment at three sites. One other civilian worker was injured in the attack that killed Ms. Davis on Monday, but the Pentagon has not released any further details about the attack.


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