Bear in Mind

So what would you have done if you had seen the bear that was wandering around Alexandria last week? The right thing would have been to leave it alone, according to the coordinator of Alabama’s Black Bear Alliance. Daniel Powell, who is also a past president of the Alabama Wildlife Federation, was in Anniston today to share his knowledge of this timely subject. Powell says the state’s black bears are shy animals, and most Alabama residents don’t even know they live here. He was asked specifically about the bear that was caught on a deputy’s dash camera last week… Powell says it was most likely a young male bear because they are often abandoned by their mothers when breeding season begins. He says that’s when bears tend to wander the most, and they may end up in unfamiliar territory. Powell says that if a bear stays in one area, it’s because it has found a good food supply. His advice for Alexandria residents is to make sure their garbage cans are sealed tight and not to leave out any food for other animals. Otherwise, he says it’s best that humans accept their animal neighbors without getting too friendly.


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