United Way Day of Action in Etowah County

If you saw swarms of people in yellow shirts around Etowah County today, then you saw the county's largest single-day volunteer effort in action. Today marked the United Way of Etowah County's annual Day of Action. Hundreds of volunteers from local businesses, companies and schools fanned out across the county to help local non-profit agencies catch up on some of their honey-do chores... everything from painting and landscaping to just cleaning and general maintenance. One of the largest volunteer groups this year came from Honda Manufacturing in Lincoln. 19 of Honda's co-op workers spent the morning at Litchfield Middle School sprucing up the school's entrance area and doing some painting in the hallways. Honda's Stephanie Alexander says that the company is happy to allow it's workers to participate in the Day of Action. Agencies that receive the volunteer assistance each year say that Day of Action helps them get projects handled that they normally can't afford to do. Litchfield Middle School's new principal, Charlie Parker, says that the partnerships created by Day of Action are an important part of his school's relationship with the community. So, let's take a look at some of those numbers again. 653 volunteers – representing 62 companies – worked on 139 different projects – for 50 local agencies. All of that work totals up to 2,612 volunteer hours which has a value of about $59,000 to the community.


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