Health Officers Remind of Public Pool Hygiene

Alabama’s state health officer is reminding parents to use good hygiene when taking their kids to public swimming pools and other bodies of water. Dr. Donald Williamson says summertime often means an increase in recreation water illness, which is usually associated with germs spread through contaminated water. Stomach trouble is the most common illness associated with such water, but Williamson says other diseases include skin, ear, eye, respiratory and wound infections. Children, pregnant women and people with a weakened immune system are most as risk. He has these recommendations for people swimming at any public venue… Not that we should have to tell you this, but never go swimming if you have diarrhea. Shower with soap before and after swimming. Wash your hands after going to the toilet. Don’t change a baby’s diaper near a swimming pool. And above all, don’t swallow the water. Williamson says a recent national study found that more than half of the public swimming pools tested had evidence of fecal contamination. So as we just said – don’t swallow the water.


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