Trans Fats Now Deemed Unsafe

You can soon say goodbye to artificial trans fats in processed foods. The F-D-A on Monday issued a final ruling on partially hydrogenated oils, finding they are not “generally recognized as safe” for use in human food. P-H-O’s are a primary source of artificial trans fats in processed foods. The substance is formed when hydrogen is added to liquid oils to make solid fats – like shortening and margarine. It also increases the shelf life of food and enhances flavors. Its use has been on the decline in the U-S in recent years. The F-D-A says manufacturers have three years to remove P-H-Os from products. Still, companies can petition the F-D-A for special permit to use the artificial trans fats. Eating a diet rich in trans fats is linked to higher body weight, heart disease and memory loss. The F-D-A says the decision is expected to “reduce coronary heart disease and prevent thousands of fatal heart attacks every year.”


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