Anniston Leaders Respond to Allegations of Police Participation in Hate Group

Yesterday, the City of Anniston gave a statement regarding an investigation underway into allegations that two of its city officers are members of an organization listed as a neo-confederate hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Today, the NAACP, two Councilmen from the City of Anniston, members of the Anniston Citizens Police Advisory Committee, members of the Rimpsey Foundation, and members of the Justice and Civil Rights Initiative gathered at the Anniston City Hall to brief residents about possible corrective measures and a call for calm. Anniston Branch N-A-A-C-P President David Baker says that the actions of the two police officers are no reflection on the Anniston Police Department as a whole. He even says they have a right to feel the way they do. But, their duty as police officers should come first. He says the city is moving forward in an effort to appropriately address the situation. The N-A-A-C-P has met with current Anniston Police Chief Shane Denham and has discussed a plan for possible diversity training for the police department.


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