Officers Disciplined Over Secessionist Involvement

The City of Anniston holds a press conference today to address an internal investigation. It involves allegations of involvement with the League of the South made against Lieutenant Wayne Brown and Lieutenant Josh Doggrell with the Anniston Police Department. Anniston City Manager Brian Johnson says the decision was made immediately with the results of the preliminary investigation. Lieutenant Wayne Brown will retire. Johnson says once Lieutenant Brown recognized that aspects of the organization were too radical for him he ceased from activity with League of the South. Brown has not been an active member since 2013. The Anniston Police Department will no longer employ Lieutenant Josh Doggrell, who spoke at the league's 2013 convention in Wetumpka. Mayor Vaughn Stewart says the city council will work with the Anniston Police Department on new strategies and public policy to better connect between the community and the police department. He adds that the city will not tolerate any type of connection to racism or bigotry by public officials. City Manager Brian Johnson says the city will renew the discussion and draft an amended personnel policy and procedure manual to prevent this kind of incident from happening in the future.


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