Model City Missions

Greenbrier Road Church of Christ is making sure that local youth and youth from around the country realize that the summer is not only a time for vacations and rest but it is also the perfect time to gather one’s resources and help their neighbors in need. Model City Missions encourages teens to participate in different mission projects such as: prayer walks, soup bowl, nursing home visits, home repairs, lawn mowing, hosting a kids camp, and drive thru prayer. Adult participant Jake Hance is from Lake Charles, Louisiana and has worked with the program for the last four years. He says the purpose of their work is to teach teens to evangelize the community and use their skills of service to glorify God. Youth participant Alex Miranda is from Oxford and has been supporting the effort since he was 10-years-old. He says the gist of the week is to let people know about Jesus. The program is hosting people from 6 to 7 churches from as far as Florida and Texas. There are 75 teen participants ranging from 5th Grade through college. And, there are also 45 adult volunteers.


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