Marine Patrol Summer Boating Safety

Summer boating, canoeing, and kayaking are delightful, relaxing summer activities, but like any activity involving bodies of water, they can also be dangerous. Authorities say to practice water safety and help reduce the number of water accidents and drowning this summer and holiday season. Officials say you will do a great deal to minimize any danger if you take a boat safety course specific to your watercraft which will help you to prepare to deal with any accidents or emergencies. Marine Patrol Division Sr. Trooper Steven Macleroy says there are a few safety tips that will help you enjoy boating safely with your friends and family all the time. He also says that alcohol and not paying attention while driving are two big issues that result in dangerous situations on a boat. Macleroy says to further help alleviate water related deaths and injuries the Marine Patrol Division began a new campaign recently. He adds that the division wants everyone to have a fun weekend, but to go home safe. He says to be responsible and avoid any unnecessary risks.


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