Woman Waves Christian Flag at Glencoe City Hall

A local woman has made it her mission to get out of her comfort zone and stand for God and what she believes in. Denise Wilson has taken her charge to the steps of Glencoe City Hall and has gathered a group of believers who believe in the message of the Christian flag. They’ve come together to wave the flag and share posters expressing their religious freedoms. Denise Wilson says she heard from God. And God told her to go forth and stand for Him. So, she says she is now in a battle for her rights. She says she wants to be the majority and not the minority. So, today she chooses to make her actions about God and not about her own desires or who she offends. City officials in Glencoe removed a banner described as a Christian flag from its place in front of the city's police department because of threat of legal action from the Wisoncin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation. Wilson says the support she’s received from people travelling on the roads with horn blowing, the many thumbs up, and the water and food people have been bringing them has been moving. She says the message is getting out there for all to hear. The Christian Flag had flown over the police department since the 1990s. City leaders removed the flag because they were told that another town had to pay more than $500,000 in a lawsuit over a similar matter.


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