United We Stand Rally for the Flag

A United We Stand Rally For the Flag will be taking place this Saturday in front of the Glencoe City Hall.Local leaders and Glencoe residents who support the message of the Christian Flag will gather to pray for freedom and recognize God. District 30 Representative Mack Butler says he is standing with his community to support the First Amendment Right of Freedom of Religion. He says they will stand united and pray for the United States. Etowah County First Responders for Christ Director Sam Lowe says he’s been inspired to express his support of the Christian flag due to the commitments of others. He even flies a flag in front of his home. He says the rally will be about solidarity. The rally will start at 6:30PM. They have ordered 500 Christian flags for people to stand and wave. Special Guest Speakers will be Representative Mack Butler, Senator Phil Williams, and Pastor Thom Harrison of the North Glencoe Baptist Church.


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