Good Samaritan Saves Man From Train

The Anniston Police Department heralds the action of a local man. Donald Fox of Anniston put his life on the line to save a man he did not know. He saved the life of a man who was in danger of being hit by an oncoming train. Yesterday two patrol officers were alerted by a person that a man was lying on the train tracks near the 600 block of South Noble Street. A train was heading south on the tracks toward the man. Officers attempted to make it to the area where the man was, but they were held up in traffic. Fox saw the man on the tracks and ran across the street, along with another citizen, in an attempt to render aid to the man. The train was quickly approaching the man that was on the tracks. According to eye witness accounts, Fox ran onto the tracks and pulled the man to safety just as the train was about to hit him. The Anniston Police Department arrived on scene and notified Anniston E-M-S who responded and transported the man to R-M-C for a medical and mental health evaluation.


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