Misunderstanding of Ordinance Results in Conflict

An Anniston councilman speaking to residents about a proposed nuisance ordinance finds himself involved in a misunderstanding regarding the confederate flag and the ordinance. According to reports, a local business says Ward 2 Councilman David Reddick demanded that they take down the confederate flag from their property. Ford’s Barber Shop on Bynum Leatherwood Road is still flying the confederate flag after Reddick’s visit to the shop yesterday. The owner accuses the councilman of telling him to remove the flag from their property or face the consequence of having the city close their business. We contacted the owner of Ford’s Barber Shop. He says he will not comment until he talks to an attorney. There will be a flag rally in Anniston on Friday at 5pm starting at Ford's Barber Shop. They are encouraging participants to come out with their flags.


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