Lifelock Said to Have Failed to Protect Customers’ Data

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Identity theft protection service company LifeLock is in trouble for failing to actually protect the data of customers like it advertises…again.  The Federal Trade Commission said the company violated a previous settlement with the agency and 35 state attorneys general. Back in 2010, LifeLock was forced to pay 12 million dollars in refunds to customers after the FTC alleged it was using false claims to promote its services.  The company promised to better protect the personal information of its users, including credit card, social security and bank account numbers.  But according to the FTC, it has broken that promise, saying it made false claims about the level of protection it provides. The company disagrees with the agency’s assertions and is prepared to take the case to court.  It issued a statement saying – “ LifeLock takes the accuracy of our advertising material very seriously.  The alerting claims raised by the FTC did not result in any known identity theft for LifeLock members. 



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