Text to 911

Calhoun County 911 implements “Text to 911” capabilities, allowing wireless device users to report an emergency within Calhoun County by sending a text message to “911”. Text to 911 is intended for use when the emergency cannot be reported by means of a traditional voice telephone call to 911. Text to 911 is particularly useful for hearing-impaired individuals as well as during any emergency where speaking may place the caller in danger. The Text to 911 service is available when using a wireless device affiliated with any of the four major wireless carriers. As part of the Text to 911 deployment, Calhoun County residents may register with Smart 911, a service that allows users to create a profile of important information that becomes available to emergency responders and dispatchers at the time of a 911 call. To register and create a free profile to Smart 911, visit smart911.com, and then follow the instructions to sign up.


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