Pregnant Prisoner Lawsuit Dismissed

A federal judge says he will dismiss a lawsuit filed by a pregnant prisoner who sought an abortion because she says she's changed her mind and now wants to deliver the child. US District Judge Abdul Kallon made the comments from the bench Friday after meeting in his office with the woman privately and asking her in open court whether she really wants to drop her request for an abortion. The woman told the judge she wants to keep the child. She also says she's making the decision voluntarily, without coercion. The woman filed suit seeking an abortion last week. Her change of heart came after the state tried to strip the woman of her parental rights. One of the woman's attorneys calls the reversal "highly suspicious." ut another lawyer for the woman says she simply changed her mind without outside pressure. The district attorney says the lawsuit to strip the woman of her parental rights is being put on hold while she goes to a drug treatment program.


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