Motorcycle Unit Training in Etowah County

Deputies seeking to join the Etowah County Sheriff’s Office motorcycle unit are in training. And, today is the final testing phase of the two week training course. The training focuses on machine language, slow speed maneuvering, control, braking, curve negotiation, motorcycle maintenance, defensive driving techniques and law enforcement techniques. Sheriff’s Office Sergeant Brian Smith has been a member of the unit for 6 years and has served as a law enforcement motorcycle instructor for 5 years.Deputy Blake Perry says he’s always admired the unit and is excited to be testing today. He says there is a lot he’s familiar with but some of the maneuvering is completely new. The motorcycle unit focuses on traffic enforcement and serves at ceremonial events including VIP motorcades, parades and as traffic escorts at special events. The fleet is currently comprised of four Harley Davidson police equipped Road Kings.


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