Highway Department Improves Infrastructure

The Calhoun County Highway Department is constantly working to improve the area’s infrastructure. According to Calhoun County Engineer Brian Rosenbalm, the seasonal goal’s emphasis is on replacing bridges and structures that prohibit a school bus from crossing because of weight limits. Rosenbalm says this year has been no exception. Rosenbalm says the department is also working on small off-system structures that county maintenance crews are replacing the decks on. He says another project is on Kings Gap Mountain. Rosenbalm says the work is important to the county and important to school systems. Because, the detour miles buses have to go around because they cannot cross structures cost taxpayers a lot of money. He adds that the department is improving road surfaces from Highway 77 South to Talladega Line, and there’s also resurfacing on Nesbitt Lake Road. He says along with the patience of area residents the county’s end result will be better, smoother road surfaces.


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