Progress Update: New Public Safety Complex

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Construction on the new Jacksonville Public Safety Complex is well underway.  Officials are saying that the new facility will improve the departments’ service through efficiency and will dramatically improve the safety and security of the Department. Members of the police department say the current 77-year-old facility is severely overcrowded in some areas and there is wasted space in other areas which creates a major security issue. Officials add that the new facility will improve working conditions and operational capacity. Assistant Chief Bill Wineman says the new facility will remove inadequacies and send a positive message to residents. He adds that the security of inmates will also dramatically improve. Wineman says that the current facility has 9 cameras. The new facility will be equipped with 82 cameras which will reduce the opportunity for blind spots. Social and Civil Rights organization the Justice and Civil Rights Initiative is lending its support to the changes that are taking place within the Jacksonville Police Department. Security Assistant Cory Sears says the new public safety complex is a big step for the community of Jacksonville. He says the infrastructure within the complex will protect both authorities and the inmates.  Even protecting the inmates from each other. Wineman says the new complex will also provide a location for the public to meet with law enforcement to exchange ideas, to discuss community concerns, safety issues, and demonstrate a positive image to local citizens. The building will be nearly 24,000 square feet which more than doubles the current size.  And, the cost of the project is an estimated $11.6 million. 


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