JSU Holds Light Practice Ahead of Scrimmage

With its first scrimmage-type practice coming up on Saturdaymorning, the Jacksonville State football team moved Friday's practice up and shortened it a bit in an attempt to prepare. Head coach John Grass worked his Gamecocks in shells for less than 90 minutes on Burgess-Snow Field Friday morning, a move he hopes will prepare them for a big day Saturday. "We are trying to get their legs under them for tomorrow," Grass said. "We have a big situational scrimmage, so we went a lot shorter today to try and give them some recovery time. We just went in shells for an hour and a half or so this morning after a two-a-day on Wednesday and a great practice yesterday." After the first two-a-day of fall camp on Wednesday and a physical practice on Thursday, Grass and his staff made the call to lighten Friday'sload to prepare mentally and physically for the upcoming situational scrimmage. We felt like we wanted to take it a little easier on them today in an attempt to get a lot of mileage out of tomorrow," Grass added. "At camp you are going to get a little leg-dead, so I think today will refresh us a little bit." The Gamecocks will go in JSU Stadium Saturday morning and will be put in as many game-like situations as they can. Grass and his staff are looking for guys to start creating some separation and showing who might be ready to get on the bus for the Sept. 5 season opener at Chattanooga, which is just three weeks away. "It's more to see where our execution is," Grass added. "Some guys are battling and it's more to see if they're ready to get on the bus for us or not. It's to give them a chance to compete and see if those guys are ready. We will see how far along we are. Everything has been good so far, but you can't be in too many game-type situations. We are going to make tomorrow as much like a game as we possibly can." With that season opener against the Mocs looming, Grass reiterated how importantSaturday would be for his staff to start putting together a depth chart so game preparations can begin in the coming weeks. "Tomorrow is a big scrimmage for us," Grass added. "You have to start making decisions on who's ready and who's not ready. You get into game planning in about a week and a half, so you have to start making some tough decisions. To put them in as many competitive situations as you can is always good."

(Courtesy: JSU Sports Information)


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