United Way "Be The One" Campaign Kick-Off

A local not-for-profit organization hosts its annual campaign Kick-Off with an event at the Oxford Civic Center. Kick-Off organizers decided to present the campaign in a question and answer forum format between event attendees and its leadership.Today, the United Way of East Central Alabama invited all the members of its community to “Be The One” and invest and participate in its campaign mission. According to Campaign Chairman Tommie Goggans “Be The One” reminds people that it takes only one person to make a difference. Officials say one person can create opportunities and inspire hope. And, they’re hoping that supporters will help them make a difference –one success story at a time. Goggans says people can help in a lot of ways. Goggans adds that beyond the campaign season people can still help by investing in the resources of their community by being engaged and volunteering. According to Executive Director Shannon Jenkins they decided to not set a campaign goal this year. He adds that they are focusing more on the outcome of what the dollars actually do in the community. Jenkins says he believes their loyal donors will continue to give, but they are hoping to reach and exceed last year’s total raised of $907,000. They will announce how much they raised this year at the end of the campaign.


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