Center for Alcohol: Policy Poll

The American public overwhelmingly supports the current system of alcohol regulation in the U.S., that’s according to a bipartisan national poll commissioned by the Center for Alcohol Policy. Additionally, the current regulatory system for alcohol is viewed by Americans as necessary to keeping the public safe. The national survey of 1,005 adults over the age of 21 was conducted from April through May. Key findings include:

Americans agree that regulation is important, especially when it comes to alcohol

—89-percent of adults agree that it is very important to keep the American alcohol industry regulated

-- 82-percent agree that parents, police officers and retailers already have a difficult challenge keeping alcohol out of the hands of minors

--94-percent believe that people selling or delivering alcohol should verify that a person is 21 or older before they sell or deliver alcohol to that person. Additionally, Americans also believe that local businesses that understand the local community should manage local alcohol distribution and sales

--81-percent support the rights of individual states to determine their own laws and regulations regarding the manufacture, distribution and sale of alcohol


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