Good Samaritan Rescues Abused Dog

Thursday, August 27, 2015


An outpouring of love and support for a dog that was found starving and with open wounds. Rescuers say the dog whose name is Baby was the worst animal abuse case most had ever seen. She was spotted by Good Samaritan Haley Proctor who was willing to do anything to save her - even literally beg Baby's neglectful owner to let her take the dog to get help. Baby's "owner" refused, but with the help of law enforcement, this dog now has a chance at living. Baby is now at the veterinarian's office, but her medical bills are expected to be huge. Veterinarian Tom Beam says she’s gained 6 and one-half pounds in four days. And Beam says if she had not been helped she would have lived for only one month more. Both Proctor and the Cheaha Regional Humane Society are paying for her care. But they need your help.  Cheaha Regional Humane Society Chairman Jane Cunningham says you can save her with your donations to the Cheaha Regional Humane Society. Cunningham says help Baby get food and pay for her medical treatment at the Anniston Veterinary Hospital. Cunningham says Baby will never go to a shelter and she is now on protective custody until they can go through the court system. They have an experienced foster home lined up for her.


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