Investing in a Volatile Market

In the last six trading days, the dow has lost nearly 19-hundred points, or 11-percent – And experts are saying it’s likely that we have more turbulent days ahead. So, where are experts saying we should put our money? Fidelity advisors say someone in the early 40’s should have about 90-percent of their 401-K investments in stock. They add that by the time you are about 10 years from retirement, plan on having 70-percent in stocks. And you should have 60-percent in the market when you are just five years out from leaving your 9 to 5. Fidelity advisors suggest imminent retirees still keep about half of their money in the market. They want people to consider the age of retirement. If you leave your job at 65, your money may need to stretch over several decades, so you need your retirement account growth to outpace inflation.


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