Boeing Releases Images of New Jetliner

Boeing has released these artist’s renderings of what will be the world’s largest twin-engine jetliner. The Boeing 777-9-X will have the widest wingspan of any aircraft in the company’s 99-year history, at 235 feet, 5 inches. It will be so big, it will have hinges on its wingtips. The hinges will fold up, allowing the airplane to shorten its wingspan when it’s rolling across airport taxiways. The giant wings will give the airliner extra lift, like a giant sailplane glider. Boeing says the wings will help the plane save an overall 12-percent more fuel than the Airbus A350. Prototype testing is expected to get underway soon. Production is expected to begin in 2017. The first 777-9-X could enter services as soon as 2020. Six airlines have placed orders for a total of 320 777-9-X jets.


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