Local Police Equipped with 3D Scanners

A technology usually seen on high-tech crime scene shows and movies is now equipment that will be playing a significant role in solving crimes for local law enforcement agencies. Police in Calhoun County are now using 3D scanners to virtually map crime scenes, allowing investigators, jurors, judges, and lawyers to inspect the environment from any angle with a 3D, panoramic image. The Oxford Police Department is just one of many police departments being trained to use Faro Technology‘s 3D imaging hardware to analyze crime scenes. Jacksonville State University’s Center for Applied Forensics is partnering with Oxford Police for training and future use of the technology. Senior Forensic Scientist Mark Hopwood says Faro Technology offers a device that uses a laser and various touchpoint markers to measure every cubic inch of a crime scene. He adds that evaluating new and emerging technology is part of their mandate. Hopwood says the $34,000 grant that Governor Bentley gave for four training sessions at Jacksonville State University’s Center for Applied Forensics will help in the training of law enforcement to use the Faro Technology‘s 3D imaging hardware and help their center equip smaller agencies with necessary equipment. The CFAF covers 6 counties from their location at JSU. The center will be hosting upcoming crime scene evidence training sessions that will train and equip 100 people who work in the documentation and collection of crime scene evidence.


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