Piney Woods Chapel Lowered Onto Its New Foundation

A historic church that was once on a demolition list by the McClellan Development Authority has now been relocated and lowered into its new location. Back in April, the McClellan Development Authority announced the Piney Woods Chapel was too close to an industrial park. Officials made plans to move the 72-year-old church building nearly a mile away near the McClellan Readiness Center and a Veterans cemetery. McClellan Development Authority Board Member Mike James says Wolf Building Movers of Pennsylvania are here today to set it on its new foundation. James says Piney Woods Chapel was once a long-unused historic building in jeopardy as the valuable piece of property it was on was being developed. He adds now the structure has a possibility of new use, such as a museum, or wedding chapel with more income.

But, he says there is still more work to be done. Historians believe the chapel was meant to be a temporary structure, to be demolished at the end of World War II.


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