Supporting E-Fairness Legislation

An East Alabama city councilman is encouraging the public in his city to join him in support of closing online tax loopholes.Gadsden's District Two Councilman, Deverick Williams, says that two important pieces of legislation that are now being considered in congress, can have a major impact on local city budgets and level the playing field between online retailers and local businesses. E-fairness proponents say that - on a national level – an estimated $23 Billion in sales taxes go uncollected every year. Collecting those taxes could bring in millions for state and local governments. In addition to the monetary gains for the government, Williams says that the legislation will have a major impact on local businesses and allow them to better compete with online retailers. Williams adds that the legislation does not create new taxes – but provides a means for enforcing and collecting existing sales taxes. He encourages everyone to support the E-fairness bills and to show that support by contacting your congressmen by phone, letter, email or social media. For more information on E-fairness legislation, visit


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