Dakota Dyer Foundation Talks Spice to High School

A family loses their 14-year-old son to the horrifying effects of synthetic marijuana. Now, the youth’s father vows to do all he can to prevent other families from feeling that kind of pain. Dakota Blaze Dyer died March 10, 2012 after he shot himself after trying “Spice” only one time. His father Lance Dyer and the Dakota Dyer Foundation say his life mission is to make parents and children aware of synthetic marijuana. Today, Lance Dyer spoke at Cleburne County High School and he says that if he can prevent that kind of substance abuse his day is well spent. Dyer says it's his way of giving back to law enforcement, too. And it's a mission that he vows he'll continue. The Heflin Police Department with drug-sniffing K-9 dogs and the Oxford Police Department searched through the entire school and parking lot while Dyer was speaking. Cleburne County Schools Superintendent Claire Dryden says Dyer connected with the students and she adds that hopefully his talk today will help her students make changes in the decisions they will make. Dryden says her job and the job of her administration is to do what they can to prevent tragedy and synthetic drug use from happening with their students. According to experts, spice is the second-most popular illegal drug used by high school seniors -marijuana is the first. It’s an easy access and the misperception that Spice is “natural” and safe have likely contributed to these high rates of use. More than 850 students heard Dyer’s talk, today.


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