Supermoon Eclipse

If you need a reason to look forward to the weekend—Here’s one-- One hour and 11 minutes of Sunday night will be unlike anything we’ve seen since 1982. For the first time in more than 30 years, there will be a Supermoon Lunar Eclipse in the sky. It’s a rare event when you have a full moon and the moon is the closest it can get to Earth in its orbit… Making it look so big…About 14-percent larger in diameter. Also, the moon will pass directly behind the Earth and get in the Earth’s shadow – That’s the eclipse. The eclipse will start around 7:11 PM with a total eclipse two hours later, peaking at 9:47 PM. And remember, unlike a solar eclipse, it’s safe to look directly at the lunar eclipse. There have been just five Supermoon Lunar Eclipses since 1900 and the next won’t happen until 2033.


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