Backyard Poultry & Avian Flu

The Alabama Cooperative Extension is hosting a series of free meetings on Avian Influenza for backyard poultry enthusiasts throughout the state at the ALFA Farmers Federation Auditorium in Jacksonville. Last night, the agency held a meeting at the ALFA Farmers Federation Auditorium in Jacksonville. The Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries and the commercial poultry community have a plan to monitor for avian influenza and rapidly deal with any potential outbreak and part of that plan is informing backyard poultry enthusiasts. Officials say “Introduction of this disease to labama’s $15.1 billion commercial poultry industry will be devastating and, equally, small scale and backyard poultry flocks could be wiped out by this highly contagious virus that kills 100 percent of infected birds. The meeting also stressed proper biosecurity measureseveryone with chickens should follow and identified who to call for testing if any disease outbreak is suspected.


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