WLJS Anniversary (Part 2)

Also at JSU this week, a major anniversary is being celebrated. It was 40 years ago this week that the campus radio station, WLJS, signed on the air. It all started with a 10-watt transmitter on top of the library and a small studio in the basement of Bibb Graves Hall. A group of students had been working for 18 months to put the station on the air, and they finally received an FCC license to broadcast. The first program director was Mike Sandefer, and he was back at the station this week to celebrate the anniversary. He gave this advice to current broadcasting students who want to build a successful career in radio and TV. Sandefer was asked if he thought 40 years ago that the new college radio station would be a success. Joining Sandefer in putting the station on the air 40 years ago was Bob Waldrep, who served as WLJS’s first program director. He was also back this week for the anniversary, and he said he was glad to see the enthusiasm of the current broadcast students. The WLJS anniversary continues this weekend with a reception and an open house for former staff members.


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